Gospel Jazz Brunch with Bubba McNeely

Enjoy live music while you dine!

Gospel Jazz Brunch with Bubba McNeely

Enjoy live music while you dine!

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Located on the second floor in the stylish new Saks Fifth Avenue in The Galleria, 51fifteen offers globally inspired, locally-minded cuisine. This restaurant features an artfully designed modern dining room, bar, semi-private lounge, and private dining space, along with Bar 12, a satellite café and bar located in the center of the first floor of Saks Fifth Avenue.  Now with its own entrance outside of The Galleria, the restaurant enjoys extended hours.

If you will join us, please make your own reservation at 713-963-8067. Mask Required!




RSVP Required: The max number of people for this event is 10 including the event leader.  An RSVP is required to manage the size.

Face Covers recommended:  Please bring your own face mask, bandana, scarf, etc to cover your face.

Keep Distance:  At least 6 feet between people is required at all times.

Stay home if:  You have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19, have any symptoms, are at high risk, or aren’t ready to be around others outside of your household.

BCO is pretty laid-back in general but during this time we will ask you to stay home if you’re not willing to follow all requirements above.  This is temporary and we’ll be back to normal as soon as possible.

Event Date & Time:

  • Date: November 22, 2020
    Time: Members Only
RSVP List: Members only