Add a Profile Picture & Phone Number

As a member of Bayou City Outdoors, you are now part this amazing community!

Having a profile is super important as it helps everyone know who’s joining the adventure. Plus, our Event Leaders can easily spot you at events, and you can find the group faster too!

Don’t forget to add your phone number! This way, we can keep you in the loop with any last-minute changes to the event.

Remember, your profile is only visible to fellow members, so you’re in good company. Let’s make the most of our outdoor escapades together!

How to update your profile:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click your name on the top right corner.
  3. Click Profile

Update the basic profile fields and hit Save at the bottom.

NOTE: Make sure you get a green check box that says “Changes Saved”. If you get a Red Box, your changes were not saved. You might need to update the nickname listed for you.

Update Profile Picture:

  1. Click your photo
  2. Select a photo from your computer
  3. Crop the photo so it appears as you want.
  4. Click Save Photo

Please select a photos that shows your face so Event Leaders and other members know how to look for at events.