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SneakPeak into 2023:

We're looking at more backpacking trips in 2023.  Many of our favorite camping and hiking spots have gotten super popular this year, so it's time hit more remote trails!  I'm starting from scratch again so we'll have some beginner backpacking classes online and easier weekend hikes before we hit the mountains.

Camping! Big Bend during meteor shower & new moon.  Death Valley Plus all over TX, out west and more.

Costa Rica - all inclusive adventure package for the biggest thrill of the year... plus some built in down time.

Smokey Mountains - Plenty of hiking, kayaking, star gazing... and anything else you might want to do.  

Machu Picchu - Hike the Inca Trail

Switzerland - best cities and hiking tour

Lake Tahoe - Swimming, Kayaking, Hiking and more

Plus SUP, kayaking, climbing, dancing, socials and more!