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Life is too short to be stuck at home alone.

Paved sidewalks are packed and boring. Routine is not exciting.

You were designed to be active.

Be Active and Social with FUN People!

Hike Lake Houston Park - November 6, 201117

40+ events planned for you every month

Ditch the pavement and hike or bike on actual trails in Houston when you join Bayou City Outdoors. Our calendar has pickleball, camping, travel, hiking, biking, SUP, and so much more! We even Travel together!

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Make new, active friends and have fun!

No more awkward conversations. When you have things in common and you're doing fun things, making new, active friends is easy!


Be adventurous trying new activities

With access to checklists, workbooks, videos and hands on training, you will look like a pro your first time. Trying new activities is fun when others are new too and you have someone showing you exactly what to do.

Travel the World

We love to explore.  Around Texas, the US and the world!  Our trips range from relaxing on a sailboat to hiking the Alps in Switzerland. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and wine tasting in Napa Valley.  Checking our state parks and national parks.

We have a travel trip for you!

See what our members have to say about BCO!

What I like most about BCO is the camaraderie.  You are sure to meet like-minded people ready to share your experience.  I also like the abundance of events in and around Houston, which continue to show me the amazing variety of things to do in this area.  

~ Andrea C.

“Life improves exponentially when you play with BCO. A calendar full of great activities and people who are always happy to see you.” 

~ Nancy C.

"Ready to get to know Houston? To know a bunch of different cool people? Join BCO You will find plenty of people to get to hang out with. With activities like trail running, MS150 group training rides, wine tastings, farmers market bike rides, bayou walks, Halloween costume parties, art openings, eating out events, kayaking, SUP, Miller Outdoor Theatre events, we do it all! And if that wasn't enough, we also travel! From as far away as Alaska to Costa Rica to just the backyard of Fredericksburg." 

~ Eric H.

“Thank you all so much. If it wasn't for BCO, I certainly wouldn't have so many warm wishes for my birthday. You all make me feel like family and I love you all.” 

~ Terry S.

"I have been a proud member of Bayou City Outdoors since 2008. When I joined BCO, I was looking to meet new people and get out of the house. Instead, I have met lifelong friends, and my wife and I have traveled the world. It was at my first BCO event where I met two of my very best friends. They were there when I trained for and completed my first MS150. And they were there when I proposed to my wife on a small boat/bar in the Virgin Islands. I owe Kelly Howard a debt of gratitude for organizing events and trips that, I can honestly say, changed my life."

~ David R.

“When I moved to Houston, I didn't know many people so a colleague recommended Bayou City Outdoors (BCO). I went on the Monday and Wednesday evening walks and made wonderful friends so quickly after I joined the club. I now enjoy walking, cycling, hiking and kayaking, as well as going to regular socials, and always know someone! We are very lucky to have BCO in Houston – good people, good times!”

~ Margaret S. 

Get Active Outdoors

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Make Friends

Make Friends

Be Social & Have Fun

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