pic: group of bco members taking a photo in front of the Arboretum after hiking on actual trails. Text on the photo says that BCO membership for 2024 is open. Find out more.

"BCO gives me everything to look forward to and friends to enjoy it with! " - Carrie


✔️  Shy? Not comfortable showing up solo? We've all been there grab a BCO Buddy. You'll feel right at home.

✔️  Safety on your mind? It's on our mind too. You'll know who is going to each event. You'll have an Event Leader who knows the ropes.

✔️  Travel. Travel Texas. Travel the World. It is difficult to find people who love to travel and aren't afraid to go! Anyone can talk about where they want to go. We do it. Every year we hold 30+ trips.

✔️  Friends. Friends. Friends. What makes BCO so amazing? The people you are going to meet. We create friendships for a lifetime.

✔️  Want to meet people your own age? We're in our 40's, 50's and 60's.

✔️  Our events are the cornerstone of BCO & we do what you love (or are ready to learn). Nothing to plan. No friends to beg.

✔️  Well, our Members are REALLY the cornerstone. Just show up and find people who love to have fun, try new things, get active, and enjoy a good party!

✔️  No planning on your end. We do all the organizing.

✔️  Don't know how to or where to go to kayak, SUP, bike, hike, backpack... We're teach you everything you need to know.

✔️  Don't want to spend a ton on gear - We have loaner gear to share so you don't spend a small fortune on stuff you don't need.

✔️  BTW - we have a BIG community you're in the right place if you want lot's of fun, active friends!


"Ready to get to know Houston & meet great people? Join BCO! You will find plenty of people to get to hang out with. With trail running, MS150 group training rides, wine tastings, farmer's market bike rides, bayou walks, costume parties, art openings, dinners, kayaking, SUP, Miller Outdoor Theatre events, we do it all! And if that wasn't enough, we also travel! From as far away as Alaska to Costa Rica to just the backyard of Fredericksburg."

Eric H

“Thank you all so much. If it wasn't for BCO, I certainly wouldn't have so many warm wishes for my birthday. You all make me feel like family and I love you all.” 

Terry S

“When I moved to Houston, I didn't know anyone so a colleague recommended Bayou City Outdoors (BCO). I went on the Monday and Wednesday evening walks and made wonderful friends so quickly after I joined the club. I now enjoy walking, cycling, hiking and kayaking, as well as going to regular socials and always know someone! We are very lucky to have BCO in Houston – good people, good times!” 

 Margaret S.


We do it all! Hike, bike, socials, travel international, wine & beer tastings, travel Texas, live music...

A very full Calendar. 80-100 events, Every Month. 

Exclusive, New Member Events to get you started and introduced to the tribe.

Monthly 101 Classes. Ready to learn how to kayak, hike, bike tips, backpack, we'll teach you. 

Free Loaner Gear. Need a kayak, tent, backpack or bike?

Kayak delivery to instructional classes. No wrestling with carrying.

Full Reciprocity to our Sister Clubs. Austin, San Antonio, HTXOutdoors, join at any event.

BCO Buddies. Don't want to show up solo? Request a BCO Buddy.

Travel, International, USA, Texas. We do the planning, you just show up.

Pre-Trip Travel Meetings. Get to know who going and all the details you need.

BCO Event Leaders. Every event is lead by one of our pros.

Friends. Friends. Friends. What makes BCO so amazing are the people you are going to meet.


We're like, really really Social

Sure - we're an Outdoor Club, but really we're an Outdoor Social Club, and we know how to have fun. Our socials could be a happy hour, maybe a wine tasting, dinner & brews, game night, house concerts or music venues. Even dog parties like the Hairy Happy Hour. The sky is the limit when it comes to getting together and having fun.


"Thanks, BCO, for all the great times!!" ~Dave


We LOVE to Hike, everywhere!

Hiking is one of our favorite activities and you can always find a hike on the calendar. We'll show you where to go, what you need (and don't need), safety tips, maps and all levels of hikes. You'd be shocked at how many trails we have even in the city. We can't wait to show you!


"Hiking in the Smoky Mountains with BCO was a dream come true. But what was actually even better for me were all the training hikes we went on in Houston before the trip. Who knew (well, I guess BCO) there were so many places to go in our own backyard. I have a new absolute favorite passion - hiking" ~ Karen

Dinners in the Dining Capital, anyone?

Did we mention we like "balance" in our lives? Usually there's an activity first...but we're in Houston and we do love the amazing restaurant choices here. We're always trying somewhere new. Bon appetit!


"You don't know how much this club means to me. Moving to Texas after the death of my wife and meeting all the wonderful people in the club has been really good for me. Even though I thought I would be older than most, I have been totally accepted and age is not a problem." ~Mike


Travel? How fast can you pack your bags!

Travel. We love it. And with the right people, it's even more fun. With BCO you always have travel buddies. And there are always different types of travel. Luxe, chill, adventure, hiking, biking, wine tasting, always something fun and new.


"The New Zealand trip was my favorite trip so far. It was exciting. There was an adventure. The people were awesome. It was everything that a vacation should be! Did I mention I loved it :)" ~ Judy

You never forget how to ride a bike.

Bike gathering dust? No friends to ride with? Did you get dropped on a "local shop ride they said anyone could do?" We understand and fit our rides to your level. From a City Cruise, to Road Cycling to Dirt trails - we do it all. They are no-drop rides and you're invited.


"I want to thank everyone on the farmer's market bike ride Saturday. Not having ridden in a couple of decades, I was a bit apprehensive. I not only survived but had a great time and gained a lot of confidence. I look forward to more rides." ~Becky


Water, water everywhere and so many fun things to do!

New to kayaking and want to learn? Been eyeing a SUP? Looking for friends who will join you on the water? Look no further. Not only do we paddle, we'll teach you, loan you boats and even deliver them!


"I'd been wanting to learn to kayak but never had friends that would go with me to learn. I saw BCO at the International Festival, signed up the next day!! I've been hiking and kayaking since. I'm looking forward to doing so much more ~ Jon

Fancy a night under the stars?

When was the last time you enjoyed a night under the stars around a campfire? If it's been too long, come join us on a campout. Maybe you are like some of our members who would like to enjoy the camping activites (hikes, games, dinners, star gazing) but don't want to sleep in a tent? No problem - we often rent cabins or find hotels or B&B's close. We'll never let a tent and cot come between you and fun!


"Please make the Caddo Lake campout an annual event - that was one of my fav trips ever." ~ Gail

free membership for attending events

30-Day Membership for a Friend  

No restrictions, no rules, it's a full on membership. Your friend can join in on a trip, private house concerts, 101 Classes and instruction, even ROW Weekends! 

Use it when you want!

Private New Member Events:

It's easy to show up at events when you know there will be Event Leaders & BCO Buddies to introduce you around & new members to meet. 

Plus - you're first beer, wine or soft drink is on me at the Live Oak Social!

You'll get all your questions answered, learn the ropes, and get help with your profile. You can also learn all about what you need for different events and have your gear and loaner questions addressed.


Get Free Membership for Attending Events! 

We'll add 1 free week of membership when you:

  • 1. Attend the event (For every event you attended until Jan 31st)
  • 2. Take a photo
  • 3. Post it in Facebook (or email it to us.)

You can get months worth of free membership just for doing what you wanted to do anyway!



There is NO RISK in our all reward group! We're not complicated. Try us for 30 days and if we're not for you, no problem. As long as you go to 1 event, we'll give you a full refund.

Have a buddy or a spouse who wants to join with you?

Grab a 2-person membership & each of you will have ALL member benefits. You do not have to reside at the same address. We cannot divide membership pricing for you. 



What is BCO? 

BCO gives you the opportunity to enjoy more of what Houston (and the world) has to offer while in the company of like-minded, fun, adventure seekers. We are the largest social & activity club of it’s kind. We offer a packed event calendar for you to pick and choose the events of you want. Each month we typically hold 80 to 100 events. This is great for meeting other like-minded fun folks, if you're new in town, or you just want to get more out of life in Houston. BCO allows you to have fun and meet new people in a relaxed, no-pressure environment!

Is this a singles group? 

No, we are not a singles club. We have approximately 55% singles and 45% couples, but those are just numbers! We have married members who come because their spouse travels or doesn’t have the same interests. We have single people who love BCO because they never feel like they are in an uncomfortable social situation. That said, we have had a lot of marriages over the years. And the cool thing? Those couples who met through BCO stick around and love to introduce new people to the group. It’s a crowd you want to hang out with.

What age are BCO Members?

We're 40's, 50's, 60's. If you are looking for a group for the 20's and 30's check out our sister club HTXO.

More questions answered - click here

We love BCO and want you to, too! We have a 100% Money-Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee.


The #1 reason people love BCO? It’s our members. We attract the cream of the cream, people you want to spend time playing with. Bored is a thing of the past!


2023 Membership Enrollment Closes soon