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When the stars align

By Amy Hope | August 30, 2022

5 Weeks Mobile

By Amy Hope | July 13, 2022

For the last 5 weeks I’ve felt so free!!  There is a ton of flexibility park hosting, especially the parks I’ve worked.  At the same time, I LOVE having my schedule completely to myself.  That’s the main reason I left corporate in the first place. When I first moved into the RV, I was working full time at…

Funny Story

By Amy Hope | June 30, 2022

When I moved from Buescher State Park to Bastrop State Park, it was only about 15 miles down the road.  Since it was close, I did a quicker job than normal packing everything up.  I now know, you have to do the same quality of packing regardless of how far you’re going.  😀  Forgot my…

Thousand Trails Membership

By Amy Hope | June 24, 2022

How it happened In October 2021, I stayed with my friend in Columbus at The House for a few weeks.  During my time there, she introduced me to many locals. At this point, I had only lived in the RV for about 4 months.  I had taken it to the shop for warranty work in…

First Year Journey, brief overview

By Amy Hope | June 20, 2022

Getting Started I started my RV and Park Host journey at Lake Livingston State Park.  A group of friends and I went to Lake Livingston to “camp” for the weekend and it was the first time pulling my RV. Truck prices were out of control so my plan was to rent a truck until prices…

Spring Birds

By Amy Hope | March 31, 2022

About 3 weeks ago, I was getting ready to head back to Houston when I noticed a bird’s nest behind the passenger seat of the Park Host ATV.  This is a couple of weeks after I pulled the startings of a nest out from the grill of my truck. Lesson learned… keep an eye out…

Ologies Podcast

By Amy Hope | February 2, 2022

Did you know that pumpkins are not vegetables?  They are berries!  A moose is a deer. Bats aren’t blind.  Leaves are red, orange and/or yellow underneath the green!  Crows have funerals.  And dogs can talk… well, kind of. 🙂 I was recently introduced to this amazing podcast called Ologies. (Thanks Kayla!!)  And since I love…

By Amy Hope | October 9, 2021

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The Menil Collection

By Amy Hope | January 14, 2021

Did you know you can go to the Menil Collection for Free!  Bring your camera and practice your marco settings.  You can find tons of unique angles and textures. Or just stroll around and enjoy the exhibits and stop in the park for some yoga or a picnic lunch.   Here is a  list of…

Ultralight Backpacking

By Aniko M | August 13, 2020

By Teresa Biggar, BCO Event Leader “Trek among the beautiful mountains while sampling local chocolate and cheese.” My interest picked up like Scooby-Doo being offered a Scooby snack when I read this first line of a travel article in 2015. I want to sample chocolate and cheese while hiking, I thought to myself. And so,…