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Join the waitlist and be the first to know when a spot becomes available!  Plus, we'll offer the waitlist private invitations to member only events!

Primary Membership


$ 105 / 3 months
  • Most Flexible
  • 1 person membership
  • Renews Automatically
  • Cancel any time before next payment


$ 275 / 12 months
  • 35% discount when paid annually
  • Additional discount after first year
  • Book travel events in advance
  • Renews Automatically
  • Cancel anytime before next payment


$ 165 / 6 months
  • 21% discount
  • 1 person membership
  • Renews Automatically
  • Cancel anytime before next payment

Want to join with a second person?

$35 every 3 months

add a 2nd person to your Quarterly Membership

$80 every 12 months

add a 2nd person to your Annual Membership (Cheapest Option)

$50 every 6 months

add a 2nd person to your Semi-Annual Membership

Bonuses with all Memberships:

free membership for attending events

New Member Party

Meet other new members and event leaders.  Free appetizers.

30 days free for a friend

Share your excited with someone who also loves the outdoors.

Earn Free Membership

Post a picture from each event you attend and earn 1 free week of membership!

Biking 101 & the Bayou City - 3

 Benefits of being a BCO Member

Exclusive Events Calendar

Over 40 events every month for Members Only, varying from hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, travel, and so much more!

Use BCO gear for Free!

Try camping or stand-up paddleboarding with out having to invest in expensive gear before you know if you even like it.

Discounts around town

We partner with & support local businesses so you can enjoy some discounts while you explore new places.

Ready-made Buddy List

100’s of local members, singles & couples, all people you'll want to get outdoors and have fun with!

Free Demos & 101s

With online and hand-ons training, you can try all of the activities to see which you love!

Access to Sister Clubs

Attend events with our sister clubs, HTXoutdoors and Hill Country Outdoors (Austin).

Private Member Profiles

Only members can access member profiles. Only you choose to share where you're going to the world. 🙂

Buddy Program

Don't want to show up to an event by yourself?  We'll assign you a buddy to introduce you around.

Want to Travel?

Cycling and wine tasting in Italy, hiking Switzerland, Iceland, South America and so much more!

Make friends with people that share your active interests

You not only have access to 40-80 activities each and every month, but you also have the chance to be a part of a great group of people and...

Bayou City Outdoors tends to be 40+.  If you're 20's & 30's, check out our sister club, HTXoutdoors.  You can't pick wrong, members of each club get access to the other... plus San Antonio & Austin groups!

What our customers are saying...

"Ready to get to know Houston & meet great people? Join BCO! You will find plenty of people to get to hang out with. With trail running, MS150 group training rides, wine tastings, farmer's market bike rides, bayou walks, costume parties, art openings, dinners, kayaking, SUP, Miller Outdoor Theatre events, we do it all! And if that wasn't enough, we also travel! From as far away as Alaska to Costa Rica to just the backyard of Fredericksburg."

Eric H

“Thank you all so much. If it wasn't for BCO, I certainly wouldn't have so many warm wishes for my birthday. You all make me feel like family and I love you all.” 

Terry S

“When I moved to Houston, I didn't know anyone so a colleague recommended Bayou City Outdoors (BCO). I went on the Monday and Wednesday evening walks and made wonderful friends so quickly after I joined the club. I now enjoy walking, cycling, hiking and kayaking, as well as going to regular socials and always know someone! We are very lucky to have BCO in Houston – good people, good times!” 

 Margaret S.

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