Hiking in Houston

four notch loop trail

Hiking in Houston Does Exist!

Dirt trails, inside the loop, with twists and turns and even some hills!  Plus so much more in the great Houston area.  Download our FREE hiking workbook to get started.


Hiking in Houston does exist!  We know where to go, which trails are less crowded and what to expect when you get there.  Get way from city life without going far.


Houston is connected bayous via bike paths all across the city and into Greater Houston Areas. Or hit the trails with a mountain bike.

Water Sports

Kayaking, SUP and even wakeboarding.  From lakes, to rivers to the sea.  Pick the style you like best or alternate through them.

Camping & Backpacking

What better way to connect with nature than to spend the weekend in the woods! From easy car camping to primitive long-distance backpacking.


We like to explore!  Around Houston, TX, the US and the world.  From active multiple sport trips to laid back wine tasting.  You choose your own adventure.

Make Outdoor Friends

And do forget all of the people you're going to meet along the way.  People who actually like to get active outdoors, even when it's hot, cold or wet outside. 😀  There's always time for some food, drinks and socializing.


Activities from hiking, biking, kayaking, theater, dinners, socials & travel. Great mix of people from all walks of life. Highly recommend.

- Tom

Made lots of friends, discovered cool things in Houston, got more active, cool trips, and met my husband all through BCO.

- Andrea

I've met amazingly friendly members who are always willing to include a newbee in events & help get the gear you need to play.

- Vicki

Discover Houston Outdoors

Start discovering the outdoor side of Houston; where to go, what to expect, what you need, who'll be there and much much more!