What is your Camping Style?

A great camping spot to enjoying nature

In Houston, it can feel like camping season comes and goes so quickly sometimes. First, it’s too hot, then it’s too rainy, then it’s too cold.  I don’t mind if it’s a little too cold; campfires are perfect to warm yourself up. When you do get a good weekend, here are some things to know before you head to the park.

There are 2 main types of camping: car camping…, where you drive up to the camp site and unload, and Backpacking…, where you carry everything you want for camping on your back.

I enjoy both.  Recently, I have done more car camping. There are pros and ‘cons’ to each type of camping.

With car camping, you don’t need to worry about how much your equipment weighs.  This is important because lighter equipment tends to be more expensive. You can bring as much stuff with you as your car can hold…and then some, probably.  You pack a cooler of food, wood for the fire, charcoal or propane for grilling, maybe an air mattress or cot. In addition to your tent, you might set up a hammock and holding chair.

hammock tentWith backpacking, everything comes down to how much does it weigh. First, you lay out everything you want to have on your trip.  Then you see if it fits into your pack. If it fits into your pack, you get on the scale and see if the weight is something you are able and willing to carry.  From there, you start to pare down.  Do I really need this battery pack?  Am I going to read once I set up camp?  Every decision becomes is the weight worth carrying.

My hammock tent weights 2.5 lbs.  It’s perfect for car camping and backpacking…if there are trees.  When I car camp, I put an actual tent in the car just in case I can’t get the hammock tent to work. For backpacking, I check the weather. If I can’t find trees, will the weather be good enough for me to use the hammock as a tarp and sleep in the open?  If the answer is yes, I bring it, if not, well, I will need to buy or borrow a tent that is light enough and small enough to carry.

We have created the following downloads for you to learn about specific areas of camping.

    • How to pitch a tent
    • How to pick a camping site – Coming Soon
    • How to build a campfire – Coming Soon


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