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While you wait, please review what becoming a member means below.

Benefits to Bayou City Outdoors Memberships:

#1 – A variety of activities:

Hiking, biking, kayaking, yoga, etc. So each time you want to do something different, you have to meet up with different people.  At Bayou City Outdoors, we host over 40 events EVERY MONTH that vary.  So you don’t have to worry about starting completely over and meeting people each time you want to try something different.  Everything is in 1 spot, so it’s easy to find, attend and have a great time!

#2 –  We book in advance for you & get member perks!

We are already booking campsites, hotels, and houses for 2023 AND 2024 trips!  You don’t have to sign up for the trips until next year.  We are the ones waking up early on the day new spots are released to ensure we get the best spots in the park before they sell out. You can sleep in and then decide which trips you want to go on throughout the year.

Plus, we partner with venues around Houston and travel companies to get discounts or exclusive member perks!  Here are just a few:

  • Free RenFest Tickets for members
  • 50% Discount Wakeboarding
  • Exclusive Full Moon hike with Interpretive Guides
  • Exclusive Guided Firefly hike!
  • Private Pontoon Boat Tours for sunset,
  • Reduced costs for trips
  • and so much more!

#3 – We even have gear for you to use for free!

Want to try camping but don’t have a tent?  Just borrow one from us!  And on some of our camping trips, we do all of the cooking, so you don’t need to have kitchen equipment or worry about packing coolers or what to eat.

Do you like Stand Up Paddleboarding?  You can use our boards for free! That saves you at least $25 each time you go with us. And that pays for an entire month of activities!

#4 – We Teach You How!

If you’re looking to try new things that you’ve never done before, we teach you!  We have tons of outdoor resources like Hiking 101 workbooks, Camping 101 workbooks, Biking 101, and SUP 101.  We have in-person events so you can get hands-on experience before actual events and then beginner events so you can get your feet wet comfortably.  We’ve taught people how to swim, rock climb, wakeboard, and so much more!

#5 – Access to Sister Clubs:

In addition to access to Bayou City Outdoors, you also get access to HTXoutdoors in Houston and our Austin sister club (Hill Country Outdoors.)  HTXoutdoors is for the 20s and 30s, and Bayou City Outdoors is for all ages but tends to be 40+.

Membership Fees:

Membership fees are recurring.  You can cancel anytime before your next payment without penalty.  If you forget, no worries.  Within 30 days of the payment, we’ll issue a 90% refund.  We have to pay credit card fees for refunds.

See all membership plans here. https://bcoadventures.com/membership-account/membership-levels/

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I didn’t get to try an event first?
No worries!  We have a 30-day money-back promise.  You can go to as many events as you want and if you decide it’s not for you, just ask for your money back!


Do you have to pay for events once you’re a member?
The only time there are fees for events is if there is a fee for the venue.  For example, if we hike at a start park, you pay your entrance fee into the park, but we don’t charge for the hike.  Or if we go Axe Throwing, you pay the venue.  We do try to get discounts or exclusive member benefits when there is a fee involved.


What’s included in the camping trips?
We offer a variety of options for camping trips.  1.  DIY – you bring all the gear you need, food, etc.  BCO pays for the sites only, and members share the cost of the sites.  2.  BCO brings the kitchen and all of the food and plans events during camping.  You just pay on the BCO website.  You bring your tent and camping gear but not the kitchen.  We also have some trips that have houses or cabins, so you don’t have to sleep on the ground! 😀


What if I don’t have the equipment?
We have tents that you can borrow for free.  Plus, we have Stand Up Paddle Boards that we use at events, so you don’t have to rent or lug yours around.  Going to 1 paddle-boarding event essentially pays for a month of membership.


How many events do you do each month?
We host over 40 events every single month!  We try to get the bigger events on the calendar as soon as possible.  For the smaller events, we add a month at a time.  So February events will continue to be added at the beginning of the month.  It’s best to look backward at the calendar to see what complete months look like.
View Member Events here


Where are events located?
Many of the weekend night events are inside the loop, with a few things in the suburbs.  On the weekends, we like to hit the more outdoorsy areas, so we drive up to 1-2 hours for day trips.  Usually, if it’s over 2 hours away, we’ll stay for the weekend.  If it’s over 4 hours away, we’ll stay for 3 nights.  Once you get to know some members, carpooling becomes easier.


What ages is this group?
BCO is for all ages but tends to be 40+.  If you’re looking for the 20s and 30s group, check out HTXoutdoors >>here<<.  Members of BCO and HTXO get access to both calendars, so it doesn’t really matter which club you join.  We just try to group the majority together.


Is this a singles group?
No!  We’re about 60% singles and 40% couples. While we don’t focus on the fact that someone is single, many successful relationships have come out of BCO. Because when you’re doing things you love with others that also love the same things, sparks are bound to fly… but there is no pressure, and with the ratio, no one feels like a 3rd wheel.


Where do you travel?
All over Texas, the US, and the World!  Not all of our 2023 trips are scheduled yet, but you can see our travel events >>here<<


How do I cancel?
We don’t have any contracts, so you cancel anytime you want.  Your membership auto-renews until you cancel.  To cancel, you just email us BEFORE your next scheduled payment.


What happens if I forget to cancel before the next payment?
We get it.  Things happen.  If you forget to cancel before the next payment, just email us within 30 days of the charge, and we’ll issue a 90% refund.  We get charged a % refund fee from the credit card company, so that’s why it’s not 100%.

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