New Site FAQ

BCO New Site FAQ

how? what? and why?

Why do we need a new site?

The original BCO site has a major glitch that cannot be fixed. In order to continue having events for members and upgrade was required.

Why so quickly?

This is not the way we wanted to do it. The original site was canceling memberships and not letting us or members renew their memberships.  Without an active membership, the system won’t let you RSVP for events.  Therefore, time was of the essence.

What is the new site?

Right now, you can access the new site at  We plan to move the URL back to Bayou City Outdoors but we need both sites running side by side for now.  (Don’t worry, when we move the URL you won’t have to do anything except update any bookmarks you have.)

How do I access my account?

First you have to transfer your account over using a custom link that we emailed you.  If you can’t find your custom link, email and we’ll send you a new one.

Once you transfer, you can log in and start RSVPing for events.

Watch this video on how to transfer your membership.

When I try to transfer my account, it says my user name and/or email is taken. Now what?

Just email us at info@bayoucityoutdoors .  This means you have an HTXO account setup already or have an Event Leader test account setup.  There is just one more thing we need to do on the back-end for you and then you can log-in and finish the transfer process.

Watch this video on how to transfer your membership.

What happens to my information on the original site:

We are going to transfer as much information as possible to the upgraded site.  We are going to keep both sites running side by side for at least a month. After that, everything on the original site will be deleted.

Is the new site secure?

Yes!  We follow the same security and privacy terms as the original site.  The new site is actually more secure because the website and the payment connections go through fewer transfers and are managed by large, reputable companies.

I’m not good with new technology. How do I use the new site?

We are creating training videos on how to use the new site.  We will email you links, post in Facebook and upload to your member portal.

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