Funny Story

When I moved from Buescher State Park to Bastrop State Park, it was only about 15 miles down the road.  Since it was close, I did a quicker job than normal packing everything up.  I now know, you have to do the same quality of packing regardless of how far you’re going.  😀  Forgot my plant on the counter so there was dirt EVERYWHERE!

Anyway.  Beauty (my trailer) has outdoor speakers.  So while I was packing, I turned on a podcast. Surprise, surprise. 😀  When I got in my car to drive to the next park, the podcast switched over to my car.  I didn’t think twice about it.

I arrived at Bastrop State Park.  I met the lady at the entrance and told her I’m the new park host.  I drove to my spot and the driveway was at a different angle.  I tried to get in, but decided I needed to reset so I did a loop around the camping area.  I tried again and then decided it was too tight of a turn and I needed to approach from the opposite direction.  So drove around the campground for a 3rd time and then parked.

Parking takes me a while because I’m by myself and I want to make sure I don’t crash into a tree or something.  So I just take my time.  Back up a few inches, get out, look around, adjust, move a few more inches.

As I’m parking, each time I get out of my truck, I hear a noise that’s kind of loud.  I started to worry that I had loud neighbors.  I ignore it and keep parking Beauty.

Once the Beauty was parked, I started setting everything up.  And I still heard the noise and I couldn’t figure it out.  I looked all around.  I checked my phone and The Beast (my truck).

Finally, I figured out what the sound was…

When my podcast disconnected from Beauty’s outdoor speakers, the outdoor speakers switched over to the DVD that I had in.  X-Men.  Haha.  The entire time I drove to the park, the 3 times I drove through the campsites, parking… and then setting up. I was blasting the intro music to X-Men.  Here is a link so you can hear it.  Bahahaha

I mean, I guess it could have been worse.  At least that music was kinda fitting.  Like… Here I come!

At first I was embarrassed.  Then I thought… I should do this every time! 😀  I guess I should find a theme song.  Don’t worry, if I do do this… I won’t blare it!  But I think there is a fun way to do this.

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