Houston Arboretum

By Amy Hope, BCO Event Leader

I knew we loved the Houston Arboretum here at BCO but when I did a quick search in our Member Facebook group, I was surprised to see how far back the pictures when.  I'm sure there are plenty more, but I thought it would be fun to take  you on a little tour through time with BCO members.

The Arboretum has well maintained trails that makes it a perfect place to start hiking. It's flat and drains well so you don't usually have muddy trails.

Plus no bikes are allowed so you can relax knowing someone won't be zipping around the corner.

Families tend to enjoy the trails closer to the nature center and the inner loop.  Hit Ravine Trail (to see the Owl Eyes Mural) then the outer loop.  We usually weave through the inner loop and check out the pond when we go.

There is a ton of wildlife and flowers around.  If you want to practice your nature photography, head to the Arboretum.

The Arboretum host several events, from summer camps and family events to adult only wine, beer and food events.  And don't forget about the Owl Prowl!

And every year we partner with the Arboretum.  They stay open at night for us (they usually close at dusk) so we can host our Full Moon Hike!  This event is exclusive to BCO, HTXO and Arboretum Members.

Here are some photos from events throughout the years.  Enjoy!

Arboretum 2019_1

A Walk in the Woods - this is one of our public events.  We used to get 50-100 people to stroll around in the woods on the weekend.  Being inside the loop, it's an easy way to get started outdoors in Houston.

Arboretum 2019_3
Arboretum 2019_2

Dont' forget about the flowers and wildlife!

Arboretum 2014_3
Arboretum 2017
Arboretum 2017_1
Arboretum 2014_1
Arboretum 2016
Arboretum 2017_2
Arboretum 2015
Arboretum 2014_1
Arboretum 2014_2

2020 - Owl Eyes Mural by Anat

Have you ever noticed that she painted the reflection of the Arboretum Bridge from Ravine Trail in the eye???  Photo by Charlie Horse Photos

Owl Eyes

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